Ghostwriting Services

When working with a ghostwriter you want fresh new content that has not been spun or re-adapted. Having a writer create the perfect copy for a book or manuscript requires someone with a very broad knowledge base that covers several topics. You need original copy that has not been plagiarized and own 100% of the publishing rights.

As an accomplished writer and successful Amazon Publisher with more than 20 book titles, I am now offering my professional services as a writer and published author.

How it all started!

I always felt that at the age of 60 something special would happen for me. Initially I thought that my husband Keith would find the Church and we would go off on a Mission together, however, that was not to be as he never converted. Then I thought that maybe someone would discover my voice in a big way as I enjoy singing as one of my many talents. I was quite ill last year with suspected TB and Whooping Cough, suffering horrendous coughing fits for most of the year, therefore that dream also went out the window as the coughing damaged my throat dissolving all my singing confidence.


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Recent Books

  • Part 1 - The Ultimate Man Cave ToolYour Own Home Theatre contains some great ideas for you to start exploring what you can do within your own home

  • Part 2 - The Ultimate Man Cave ToolIn this book, we go through the components needed to make up the system in more detail.

  • How to Improve Your LifeImproving my own life after losing both parents to an accident with my dad and an age-related illness with my mum within 8 months of each other over this past year has been a life-changing experience in many areas of my life.