Life happens volume 8

My One Hundred Thirty Two Page Collection Of Funny Emails And Face Book Messages Dating From 2009 to Current. Irish Jokes are great to start off with in this Life Happens Volume 8 and lately I have wanted to finish off with fabulous pictures sent to me by my friends about somewhere in the world. Do people read the Prefaces of books anyway? Well, I do and it has always added an interesting story to the story itself so hopefully some of my readers out there who do read my Prefaces learn more about me as they are sort of An About Me short chapter. There is an interesting Scrabble email that went around the world to which you had to change one letter before forwarding it on. That was fun. One of my great mentors Sir Josh Burton-Chadwick sent us some training one time so I have included that in this book to give you an insight as to my interests in Network Marketing.

Designed to make you laugh until you cry, this Volume will appeal to the taste buds of many email enthusiasts throughout the world, who have perhaps already received some of this Volumes contents and sent them on to their friends providing viral growth for humour that is so badly needed by we as the human race. Laugh at yourselves, laugh with others. See someone else's point of view on a subject and laugh at that. This and subsequent books are here for your entertainment.