Honeymoon in the caribbean

From The Pink Book Series By Debbie Nicholson.

I got such a buzz out of putting together my Life Happens Collections that I decided to use other research materials that I have gathered over the years to put together The Pink Book Series.

I look forward to sharing other views with you in each of the books. Every topic possible is thought out and put together in a fashion that I hope you will find entertaining. In each book, I have also included at least 5 different ways of helping you with each topic discussed; be it to earn money for yourself, or to just help you with different ideas to take you on your journey into that particular world.

This one is all about Honeymooning in The Caribbean or even just having a very well-earned vacation there. Lots of suggestions and advice for perhaps Aruba, Barbados or Jamaica. And at the back I have included some items you could possibly need on your trip. Have a great time in The Caribbean.