About me

I always felt that at the age of 60 something special would happen for me. Initially I thought that my husband Keith would find the Church and we would go off on a Mission together, however, that was not to be as he never converted. Then I thought that maybe someone would discover my voice in a big way as I enjoy singing as one of my many talents. I was quite ill last year with suspected TB and Whooping Cough, suffering horrendous coughing fits for most of the year, therefore that dream also went out the window as the coughing damaged my throat dissolving all my singing confidence. In October I watched a webinar with one of my online tutors Stephen Pierce (a special black American man who struggled through life and is now a self made millionaire) from Texas and he opened my eyes to writing books for Kindle. I decided to try and lo and behold I discovered an untouched passion within me that never ceases to let me go even when I am asleep. At first I published books that he recommended topics for under several different pen names. Amazon did put them up for a while, but changed their rules of works to be published on their sites and all 14 of those first books got rejected. I did not see this as a deterrent at all, preferring to learn from my many mistakes and decided to publish 10 volumes of works (100 pages + in length) that I had been collecting for more than 20 years - a huge bunch of humorous mail I received periodically which I bundled together, illustrated them as best I could and published them under my own name. At the same time I decided to write shorter books on topics that interested me in other ways which gave birth to the Pink Book Series. And from there, my inspirations come hourly some days for future series, all the while keeping in mind the 4 novels I hope to finish one day as well.