Part 4

So we had to wait for another litter of kittens to be born and this time we got a kitten that was unmistakeably black and white – a Tuxedo kitten much like Leo in our other stories.  Well he was with us for quite some years and we loved him.

Unfortunately for us, and for him, we took him on a holiday with us and he wasn’t sure of the roads, never having had experience with roads before as we lived on a hill surrounded by bush so why would he be educated about how to handle traffic on a road?  Where we were staying, we were right on a suburban road where buses and cars travelled past quite frequently and as to be expected now that I look back in hindsight – he was run over while crossing the street outside of our holiday retreat.

When we returned home, we had to wait for another litter to be born – and sure enough this time we came home with a Calico kitten which we called Mottel.  Well, there were no nappy buckets this time as our son was not to be born until a couple of years later and by then the two girls were old enough to be able to look after her and give her as much attention as she wished.  Mottel lived with us for many, many years after that until when her time to leave this earth was up, she suffered her stroke.

Dealing with the grief each time with young children is very difficult especially when it seems to be an ongoing experience for us in particular.  It is definitely not an easy time to cope with.  I have since read up on several ways in which to cope with grief for a pet and hopefully what you read here might help you to get through your own situation easier than we did.

Kittens and cats have their own personalities and therefore when you think of them they do conjure up a lot of fond memories.  We had photos that helped;  photos of our daughter playing with her new pet.  Sure, he wasn’t with us long, but memories are still cherished no matter how long and how much time you shared with them.

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