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Bath time

Everyone loves a bath only the first time it might be scary for some things. You, of course, don’t remember your very first bath, but I have watched a few grandchildren with their first bath and every one of them took to it like water – pardon the pun!

As to bathing your animal, in particular your cat, it just might take a little getting used to for you both.  Sometimes it is even better to have someone helping you those first few times, just in case things get a little slippery – oh excuse me, I am in a fun mood today!  The washhouse tub would be a great place to start I should think, unless right from the start you are going to make room in your house for the cat’s very own bath tub.  Being firm with your touch would be the next thing – don’t let the cat think that you are the least bit nervous – he is too, don’t you worry – so the last thing you need is for 2 people taking part in the event feeling jittery.

Cathy suggests that, “you don’t let the cat turn over or face you and always keep his paws on the sponge you are using, starting at the neck and then moving down his back.”

  • Think about how you wash your own hair in the shower – do you make sure your hair is wet first? Then do the same for the cat.
  • Do you like turning your face up to the shower nozzle and feeling drowned in it? No, therefore do not let this happen to your cat either.

Shampoo once his hair is completely soaked and don’t miss areas where you know he will need cleaning like his bottom and his belly.  That belly drags along the ground a lot as he crawls under your house and I don’t need to say anything about his bottom I am sure.  If he happens to have fleas, then this is a good time to go over his fur with the fine toothed flea comb.  Not all fleas will fall out into the water, but as he dries later, more will come off then.  As with ourselves, he will flake and dead skin will come away easily during the bathing and towelling process.

Enjoy this time together – another great bonding moment for you both.  And in time both of you will look forward to the event and he will come out smelling so clean and cuddly – your entire time will not be wasted in carrying out this part of his grooming.

Have fun with your cat.

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