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Three Anti-Social Skills To Improve Your Writing

Hi, my name is Debbie Nicholson, and today I am coming at you from an entirely different angle in my world of words.

Now that I have spent a few years creating content, it is time to start into a new phase of marketing which up till now was not important in my world as not being a techie I didn’t want to know about such stuff.  I have always found though, that once you are ready for a new phase of learning then someone or something comes into your life that makes a complete turn-around in your head about what you have previously dwelt upon in your mind.

Life is like that.  And that is why I so enjoyed creating my Life Happens Series, because from all of those thousands of faxes and emails sent to me over the years which I had the foresight to keep, I was able to start out my “career” so to speak by putting them all together into a readable form and publishing them into a Kindle format which was easily downloadable for others to reminisce and chuckle about.

Some of the comments were not kind when I got started in 2012, however, I guess they were from people who had not thought about doing what I have done and put them out there in a book form to share, therefore they expressed their feelings to the Amazon world of readers from what I feel was a feeling of lack.  Some people had received similar emails and poo pooed my idea to share them.  However, there were and still are many readers who did and will appreciate each story for what it was intended – to laugh, to cry, to chuckle and to retell to others either verbally or through passing them on through email and social sites.

When I first started out I was vulnerable like most people when venturing into a new phase of life.

My first 14 books were published by Amazon and allowed to languish in their libraries for a few months until a new person wanting to set their own mark on the trade changed the rules and they were all pulled down one after the other along with 4 of my Life Happens Series which by then I had begun with a vengeance.  Having had some initial success completely out of the blue through the receipt of a cheque from Amazon, I was not phased by their new rules and continued to write using a series style that I felt in my heart to be the next step.

Now I write one book and already have 2 more in my head forcing their way onto new pages as I write the first book.  Sometimes the inspiration I get comes so rapidly, the highs of creation leaving me thoroughly exhausted for several weeks before I can publish more.

Even though there are big gaps in my publishing when sometimes I publish a new book every week, it doesn’t mean that I have given up.  No, it just means, I am resting and probably learning something else that is new to be learned and while I am learning, be assured I keep writing and keep those books in the pipeline.

Why, just the other day I was getting all of my covers ready for this new site, when I discovered many covers that have not even found their way into the Amazon shelves as yet because they were just sitting there waiting for me to match them up with the poetry and prose that goes with them stored somewhere else on my computer’s hard drive.

How exciting and very encouraging – to be an author and to find content that is only a hairs breadth away from being shared with my readers.

I think this is where I say – watch this space……….

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