Brushing Your Cat

Did you realise just how important it is to groom your cat properly?  I didn’t until I came across a friend’s website that is so educating in all aspects of taking care of your furry friends.  And this does not only pertain to your cat but also to your dog as well.  She graduated from the New York School Of Dog Grooming doing 800 hours of dedicated, loving service to herself for her career and of course to all the animal species brought in to practice on, therefore, her advice should really be heeded.

I guess because you are so used to seeing your cat constantly at its do-your-best-to-always-look-nice routine instilled in it by generations of mother cats stretching back to Day 1 of Life, that you should not be thought remiss in thinking “well, why would I want to take on that responsibility as well?”

And this of course is where you are just a tiny bit wrong in your attitude.

Your animals needs your help.

As with your own hair and body which you spend countless hours grooming with gels, creams, mitts, loofahs, masks and exfoliates, it is so noticeable by the benefits of which can be seen in your glowing youthful appearance.  Essentially what you are doing is stimulating growth, removing dirt and loose hairs and just like you, your own cat needs that type of constant attention as well.

They love being brushed.

Try it if you haven’t yet – and you will see just how much they cosy up to some undivided kindness.  Plus there is the added benefit of a bonding that can only take place when you are one on one with someone or something that you love so much.  I have found that when a cat or even the dog is brushed, you are not only lessening the sight of animal fur all over the house, you are also helping to relieve them of unnecessary fur balls, which of course, gather inside their stomachs from the constant cleaning they spend so much time doing on themselves.

All you need is some patience and a genuine feeling of love for your pet and really, you will always find the time and the space to keep it up on a regular basis.

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4 thoughts on “Brushing Your Cat

  1. muskaan ali

    it seems so easy to bring a pet but it holds so many responsibilities and when you have such helpful blogs the responsibilities seem easy thanks debbie for sharing this

    1. Debbie Post author

      Yes, life is for learning and unless someone tells you something you will always be in the dark about it.

  2. Eileen

    Thank you Debbie for that article.
    You are so right, cats need groomed on a regular basis.
    In our busy lives we seem to forget to groom our cats as well as we should.
    Great Article!

  3. Rahimah Sultan

    Although I don’t own a cat, I found the article interesting.

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