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Disasters of Apocalypse proportions happen in the lives of many people in the world.  What would be your reaction upon meeting such an event in your own life?

Disasters happen and they did to me yesterday.

I was busy preparing optin forms, posts and give aways for my new site and I touched something I should not have and hey presto!! everything fell down.  One minute the site was looking great and the next minute it was just a line of program words on the side of the page.  NOT GOOD.

How to fix was the next problem because who knew what was missing or been added or whatever is the cause of such a disaster!!!

Consequently – a sleepless night!!

Dealing with time zones that are vastly different caused more delay.

Thankfully only 12 hours later we are up and running again once the right people had been contacted.

So what is the disaster that you are going to face today in your life?  And how are you going to deal with it?

A few months ago I wrote a book on The Apocalypse Meaning which has yet to be published. However, today I am going to give you an insight into the book by providing you with the first chapter and I will provide a link at the end for you to visit should you be interested in  getting your own copy of the book once it is finally put together.  It is all written – just a matter now of putting it all together and making sure I have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s.

The work of an author is never completed.

You write one thing and then review it several months later and wonder about some of the ideas you originally had.  A very dangerous thing to do in my case as I have rewritten entire books because of fresh ideas during the ensuing months.

Best to leave the first draft alone – get that published and then do a followup to it.

I am always learning from life and what happens to me as a consequence and how I deal with things.

Disasters may be real physically or just a figment of one’s imagination. It all depends on how deep you want to go into the meaning of the word. I guess my book is like keeping a disasters journal of what has been happening through the ages.

Let’s hope you find it just as interesting as I did to write it.

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Debbie Nicholson - Author

3 thoughts on “How To Cope With Disasters And Acknowledging The Apocalypse Meaning

  1. Mark Davies

    Great information Debbie. I normally cope by realizing that disasters are never really disasters but opportunities to learn from, even if it’s another way not to do something in the future.

    We are a work in progress, so I’m never hard on myself anymore.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for your comments Mark and I look forward to your views on other blogs should you chance this way again.

  2. Debbie Post author

    more traffic would be great thank you

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