Matts And Tangles

I often wondered what was behind all the matting on our cat and until I read what Cathy has to say about it, then I would still be in the dark about it.  Thank goodness I have found her site so that we can keep up with the care of our cat which until I did come across it – I did not in the least bit realise how so important it is to our dear pet.

Rubbing and petting your cat can cause matting believe it or not and even just the act of your pet walking around will also cause similar problems under their legs.  Naturally they get into situations themselves that will result in severe matting, therefore care that this does not become a regular trip to the Vet can be taken by you at home.

I remember my own mother brushing my  hair during my youth and honestly she was never kind and if I winced she would beat my head with the wooden brush, therefore it was better to just put up with the pain and hide the tears as best I could.  So if you find matts and tangles in your pet’s hair be certain not to tug or pull at them as it hurts them tremendously.

Hold the matt in one hand and the brush in the other and gently tease it out as best you can, doing your best to keep your hand as near to the skin as possible.  If that doesn’t work, then use your fingers and gently try to pry it apart that way.  As each piece becomes free then you can gently brush it away until it is again smooth.

It is very handy that I have grandchildren who pamper themselves with sprays and oils, because I have had a lot of hints from them as to how to look after their long hair.  Did you know you can get similar products for your pets, therefore make use of them as it does make the job a lot easier for you and far less painful and unpleasant for them.

I do not recommend cutting the matt or the tangle out unless VERY desperate as this could lead to unnecessary injury to your cat. Be patient and tease them out as best as you can with your fingers and the brush.

Frequent treatments will mean less matting of course so take the hint!

Extreme cases I would advise a trip to the Vet pretty quick smart.

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4 thoughts on “Matts And Tangles

  1. Cathy A. T. Scallan

    Great article Debbie. I am so happy you discovered my website and found it to be so helpful. Our pets are part of the family and we should take the time to meet their needs too.

  2. Eileen

    Debbie, great article. Until now I have never seen a cat that was matted. Thank you for this article very informative.

  3. Rahimah Sultan

    Hi Debbie. although I don’t own a cat, i found this article interesting.

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