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How Developing The “Pink Series” of Ebooks Is Branding Debbie Nicholson As An Author

The Pink Panther Dance with Steve Martin

The more good writers write the better they become at addressing topics that people want to read about. However, there has to be a personal interest invested first.

That’s how I started the “Pink Book Series” which came as a direct result of my wanting to learn more about all different types of subjects.

I actually started this Pink Book Series through thoughts that went through my head when I first woke up in the mornings.  I would wake up with something in my head that I would like to know more about and a subject or topic would pop in there and persist as I read my scriptures.  Then as I continued with my morning regime of exercising and drinking my water, ideas would follow through with the topic and so by the time I had had my breakfast I was that excited about a new book that once I was ready to start my “Work Day” my fingers would be just itching to get to the keyboard.  Did you know that I have worn out 2 keyboards entirely obliterating some of the letters to the point when they no longer exist and I just have to guess what the letter should be.  Okay for me whose fingers find the letters by themselves, however, when my  grandchildren are visiting and want to use my computer – they have a big problem finding the keys they want.

The first book I started with was the Honeymoon in the Caribbean book – one of my cousins had gone there for a honeymoon and that thought must have stuck in my head which prompted the words that followed.  It is actually more of a things to do when you visit some of the islands book really, however, I guess the title stuck because of my previous association to the topic a few months earlier.  Each book in The Pink Series is not a very long publication being only 5 chapters in length, and so I thought it would be a great idea to include at the back things that might be useful relating to each topic.  At the time I was also dabbling in internet marketing and so this is where ideas came from for the backs of each book.

People where I live in the Holiday Park gave me ideas with the various pets they brought with them and the Horses series started because there are two horses that used to live in the paddock next door to where we live.

The Pink Series is a variety of books on learning about stuff – nothing in particular, just whatever I woke up thinking about each morning.  Every day, even now, I wake up with a curious mind and there are so many other books that I will in time add to the Pink Series.

Life Happens and The Pink Series helped me get started.

I have grown a lot since then.

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