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The other day I came across a site that was talking about how to deal with grief when it is your cat that you are grieving for and that brought back vivid memories of our own Mottel who jumped into my husbands arms only to fall flat onto the tiled floor as he did so and was seemingly paralysed.  My husband burst into tears and rushed her down to the Vet’s only to be told that she had suffered a stroke in the course of the jump and would probably not last out the week.

What devastating news he bought home to us that evening.

Not to have Mottel around ever more?  After all of these years?

Keith visited the Vets every day after that and then after 5 days he came home and said he had given his permission to let Mottel out of her misery.

And that was the end of our last cat in our home.

It took us many weeks to get through her passing – he still thinks of her now as I write my chapters on cats for my ongoing cat series.  I think I am conjuring up hurtful feelings in my husband, however, sometimes we have to move forward and maybe this is my way of helping him deal with it.  Honestly, I didn’t realise that he still harboured such feelings as this event took place several years ago – gosh we have lived in our bus for nearly 9 years now – and Mottel went long before we downsized.

I am quite sure that there is a cat heaven somewhere and Keith and Mottel will be reunited one day if only for all of the love and good reasons I know he harbours within himself.

When my eldest was younger and long before Keith came into our lives, our neighbour’s cat was always having kittens – well it seemed that way to me anyway.  My wee child being quite a friendly young person would go over and count them every day and watch as someone would answer our neighbour’s ads and come and take them away one by one.  After several litters, she asked me if she could have a kitten next time?

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